Mechanical Training


Automation Training for Mechanical Engineering

Automation system contains PLC, HMI, SCADA and Drives basically. PLC is the controller. HMI and SCADA are interfacing system to monitor and control the data (all information of machine) of controller. Drives are used to control all parameters of motor.

Nowadays, Automation training is required for mechanical engineers too.

New mechanical syllabus and Mechatronics branch contain automation topics.

All types of industries have been using automation so an Engineer needs to know about it.

In car manufacturing industries all machines are operated by PLC.

In pharmaceutical industries all systems are being handled automatically.

In molding machines complete automatic control is being used.

In forging industries too all systems are operated by PLC.

Gantry system in forging industries are also operated by PLC.

In hydraulic and Pneumatic systems also forward and reverse operations are controlled by PLC even its position feedback signal is sent to PLC through proximity and magnetic sensors.

There is some limited number of industrial inputs and outputs that is used in any machine. Any engineer must know about these to design a good system.

An engineer needs to know the basics about these automatic systems so that easily he/she can design and troubleshoot any machine.

PLC programming is not difficult like C and C++. PLC programming is very easy to learn by any branch Engineer.

We have many tricks and easy methods to clarify the programming part of PLC.