What is INDWELL?

INDWELL is one of the largest training institutions in India offering Industrial Training for Engineers. We have specialist trainers in offices nationwide ready to assist with your training and development needs.

What do we do at INDWELL?

We offer Industrial training, support and innovative programs for work-based learning, ensuring you, the learner to achieve professional qualifications to match the real world conditions.

What Courses are available at INDWELL?

We have various courses available within the Electrical, Automation, Robotics, Mechanical, AutoCAD, PLCs, SCADA Systems, HMI, Drives and Embedded Technology sectors. (Please contact us for further details.)

What can we do for your company?

Improve the performance of your Company with INDWELL Training. your staff will improve their skills and knowledge to do the job better.

Motivate your staff - Recruiting and retaining able young people is easier if you offer INDWELL Training. Young people who are keen to learn will be motivated by their training and will connect their learning and development with the work your company.

Provide relevant training specific to your company – INDWELL Training are specifically designed by Company in your sector for organizations like yours: engineers will be learning the relevant skills to help enhance your business performance within your business sector.

Invest in your businesses future - by training your young staff via INDWELL Training you can ensure that you have the specialist skills you require for your business now and into the future.

What are the benefits of getting certified from INDWELL?

By certifying one's skills, individuals can validate their technical abilities and demonstrate proficiency. INDWELL Professional - level certifications are based on research about Electrical, Automation & Robotics skills required by industry, Public Sector and education. The objectives reflect the foundation skills needed to be successful communicators in today's Core Industrial world. In educational settings, industry-recognized certification programs ensure students and teachers are acquiring the knowledge and skills valued in today's workplace. For institutions seeking to keep curriculum vitalized and relevant, certification plays a critical role in bridging classroom learning to real-world application. 

How does INDWELL certification help you?

Gain recognition as a INDWELL expert. The INDWELL certified Certificate and web site badges validate your expertise, and demonstrate you’re a leader in core Industry.

Increase your worth to your employer. By offering proof of your in-depth knowledge of INDWELL products, your credentials enable you to advance your Cloud Industrial career and increase your earning potential.

How does INDWELL certification help your employer?

Having certified engineers on board will contribute to your company’s success as a provider of automation & Industrial Projects services. By certifying your engineer, you will:-

Increase their knowledge and skills. Your Engineer will become self-sufficient experts in INDWELL products, capable of expertly supporting both your own automation and Electrical systems and those of your customers.

Enhance customer satisfaction. Your customers will have higher confidence in your Engineers expertise when it’s validated with certification credentials.

Reduce employee turnover. Employees who are able to advance their careers by obtaining INDWELL certification credentials are more likely to stay with your company.

What is the edge of INDWELL over its competitors?

At INDWELL we provide Quality education at most affordable price than our competitors. 

Are the courses at INDWELL job oriented? Do you provide any assistance for it? 

Yes, the courses at INDWELL are job oriented and our students are given a long-term support when it comes to job assistance.

What is the quality of education INDWELL Institute of Technology provides? Is your faculty qualified and up- dated with the latest industry trends? 

At indwell we deliver Quality Education to make Career happen. Our faculties are qualified enough to keep themselves up-dated with the latest trends in the industry. 

Which is the best Industrial Training course for me?

At INDWELL Institute of Technology we have job-oriented courses to suit every need. Meeting our counselor once, will certainly guide you to choose your career. Alternatively, you could mail us at info@indwell.co.in.

Why should I choose the Automation Training course? 

The Indian economy is picking up and coming out of recession stage. Also the core industry sector is holding good jobs for freshers with good skill sets. So all the students who desire to join the core industry must have the basic automation skills. All eligible students who want to prepare for an excellent career must enroll for the Automation course. Also the INDWELL certificate given by us is recognized by Indian Industries.

What's special at INDWELL Institute of Technology?

  • 100% Job Oriented Advance & Latest Courses
  • Affordable Fees with Best Quality training
  • Experienced & INDWELL Certified Trainers
  • Convenient Batch Timings with Evening Batch
  • Online Training Course For Automation Training Courses
  • Personal Attention from trainers
  • Course Material / Manual
  • Project on Topic
  • Personality Development Training
  • Placement Assistance
  • Installment Facility
  • Ample time for practice
  • Free PLC Training For Needy

How is INDWELL different?

Ability to provide training on multi brand automation systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems and embedded systems

  • Add on courses on Personality Development
  • On site Practical Exposure.
  • Highly skilled and expert trainers with project background.
  • Guidance for final year projects.
  • Mock interviews

Who will benefit from this Automation course?

The training is useful for technical specialists and implementation/support teams involved in Automation Systems installation and upgrade, Automation configuration and reconfiguration, maintenance of various services, backup and restore of the whole system or parts of it, troubleshooting, and the development of Automation projects.