Advance Electrical Training

INDWELL is India’s most reputed and renowned Industrial Training Institution, which has been consistently delivering Electrical  training programs aimed at real value enhancement of Electrical skills.

These Electrical courses are aimed to help fresh engineering students be in tune with real industrial experience. We guarantee you that money spent on INDWELL Training will be a real value for money spent and students will get multiple Skills benefits after they have attended the certified Electrical training conducted by us.

We specialize in giving top quality teaching, best chosen modules, Industry certified topics and have best hardware. We have engineers coming from all over India for our certified Electrical courses.


Electrical Training for Whom?

For all Engineers who want to go in to the Core Electrical Engineering steam, this is the course.

It is an excellent training for fresher Engineers or Engineers who have recently started working and for Engineers who want Basic & Advance knowledge on Electrical Switchgears and their Application from the basic and on a slower track.

We have regular Electrical Switchgears training and customized courses at our training division in India For fresh persons working in industry / Final Year ITI / Diploma Engineering / B. E. / B. TECH. persons from Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Department Engineers, Technicians, Maintenance persons, and persons working in any industry.

We are one of the leading advanced training providers in the area of Electrical Switchgears & there Applications.


Electrical Training Courses:

Basic Electrical Training – Electrical Basic

Advance Electrical Training – Electrical Basic, Switchgears, Cable Accessories & Applications

Industrial Electrical Automation Training – Electrical Basic, Switchgears, Cable Accessories, Applications, Automation installations & Commissioning

Executive Electrical Automation Training – Electrical Basic, Switchgears, Cable Accessories, Applications, Automation installations & Commissioning, PLC Electrical Application, Electrical Automation Application and Electrical Based Automatic Systems.

Hands-on shop Flore work using real equipment provides the students with sensible training and skills that are immediately useful on the job. Which make the trainee perfect and comfortable in handling electrical Switchgears Course material is presented in a way that is easy to understand. Our Trainers are trained professionals and are experienced in field service and troubleshooting. We relate well with the students and we understand the day-to-day problems they encounter.

Students work in pairs to construct and test lab projects. This facilitates an exchange of information and establishes communication pathways for a sharing of ideas.


Advance Electrical Training Program:

Which is an exclusive industrial education for all Electrician Technicians, Mechanics, ITI holders Diploma, & Engineering Graduates who are employed as well as willing to acquire electrical knowledge? Electrical Training Program is designed to provide opportunities to the participants the total knowledge of all the elements of a Control Panel.

The purpose of our Electrical Training Program is to teach:

To study on electrical drawings for any type of industry

To maintain a Control Panel

To troubleshoot faults that exists in Panels.


INDWELL Electrical Training:

INDWELL is well Certified & recognized Institute with many years of excellence in the Electrical, Robotics & Automation Training.

Our Training Institute has been set up for the specific purpose of imparting ' hands - on - training ' to students and technician aspirants. Our ' Training Institute ' has been provided with basic infrastructure comprising of fully equipped factory and well experienced Staff & Tech. skilled workmen. Panels are made available to trainees for the purpose of helping them learn how to build Panels. Our visiting faculty comprises of experts /engineers from leading companies brands.


ELIGIBILITY for Electrical Training:

Those who have completed or still pursuing Engineering Graduation

Electrical / Mechanics, Field Staff, Electrical dealers etc

Students who have completed Polytechnic studies

Those who are willing to acquire Electrical knowledge


Electrical Training (PURPOSE & BENEFITS)

  • Helps to put up good performances in competitive Examinations / Interviews.
  • Gives professional touch to the performance in work area.
  • To master all aspects involved in the Fabrication, assembly & installation of Control Panels.
  • Execution of electrical wiring to the actual requirement.
  • Gain knowledge & ability to rectify problems of control panels systematically.
  • Placement opportunities for Outstanding Trainees in reputed concerns.


Why Electrical Training from INDWELL?

The hard time of the economy and the industry have not escaped time, during this period it is a must for a fresher to equip himself with knowledge and skills sets most widely accepted. Another important point is that any course must be done from an institute with proven results and high standards & certified certification. Most companies have set franchise institutes where the quality control of trainers, inferior laboratories and incomplete syllabus will not help a student in the final aim of getting advance skills and knowledge, though it may be closer to his hometown and maybe cheaper.


What Is Advance Electrical Training Program?

The Advance Electrical Training Program is most beneficial for working professional, corporate and students, fresher; those who are planning to Electrical Automation career, starting a start ahead of core industry. The course is arranged in 4 phases. The 4 phases are further subdivided into several sub phases containing the intricate details of the course.

Phase1. Basic Electrical Professional

Phase2. Advance Electrical Professional

Phase3. Expert Electrical Professional

Phase4. Executive Electrical Professionalw


Advance Electrical Automation Training at INDWELL:

Do you realize after leaving your college will be able to work in any industry?

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