Education at INDWELL

INDWELL Institute of Technology provides Industrial Training Programs in latest technologies for engineering students, Corporate and other professionals. Some of the technologies offered for training are Electrical, Automation & Robotics Technology and Personality & Entrepreneurship Development.

INDWELL College Projects Consultancy

INDWELL College Projects Consultancy provides help in College Projects in different fields to students and professionals. INDWELL College Projects consultancy was started to provide College Projects to INDWELL Certified students, who are made technologically strong by INDWELL, is well developed by INDWELL College Projects Consultancy. Hence the fresher trained by us are well absorbed in companies.

INDWELL Development

We at INDWELL also deal with software as well as embedded production development. In software domains, INDWELL offers customized automation products, PLC Programming, HMI Development, SCADA Systems Development, Drives installation & Commissioning and other related products. In Automation domain, INDWELL has developed a number of Research & Development solutions.

Trainers at INDWELL

All trainers in INDWELL are highly qualified with good experience in the specialized technology like in Automation, Electrical, Embedded Systems & Robotics.

Research & Development

INDWELL is always dedicated for research in advance & latest fields. Regarding the same, INDWELL has given an important contribution in the field of Automation, Control & Robotics. In our congestion control projects, we have solved link allocation problem in Automation up to a great extent. In Automation & robotics we have developed a number of projects. Our latest project, which we are currently working on is to develop a robot, which can communicate with human beings and can sense their requirement automatically.

Get the Best at INDWELL Institute of Technology

Certification at INDWELL

If you’re interested in obtaining INDWELL Certification, your first step is to determine which level of certification you’d like to pursue.

INDWELL offers three levels of certification:

Level 1 (Basic)  - INDWELL Certified Technician
Level 2 (Advance)  - INDWELL Certified Engineer
Level 3 (Expert)  - INDWELL Certified Professional

Special Services at Indwell

Automation ProblemSolving: If you have any Automation related problem write to us at and we will solve it for free.

Careers:If you have jpbs/careers and need good Automation Professional / PLC programmer / SCADA Developer / HMI Developer / Automation Engineer / Maintenance Professional / Instrumentation Engineer / Drives Professional / PLC Engineer, write to us. We shall put the advertisement at our website free of cost.